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Smile Makeover

Creating a Smile to Smile About!

Does your smile need a makeover? Our smiles are very individual things, like us they’re supposed to be different, but if you feel self-conscious every time you smile or worse still avoid doing it because there’s something about your smile that you dislike, then perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to a smile makeover.

What is a smile makeover?

Just like our smiles, smile makeovers are highly individual. For some people a smile makeover will simply mean having their teeth whitened, whilst others will require tooth realignment for overcrowded teeth, the closure of gaps, the replacement of missing teeth or a change in the shape or length of certain teeth before they can feel happy and confident about their smile.

Your individual makeover will involve one or a series of cosmetic or dental treatments. Some treatments such as teeth whitening have immediate results, whilst a procedure to realign overcrowded teeth is done over a period of time. Following a consultation with us, you can rest assured that your smile makeover will be tailor-made to ensure that the end result is a smile that you can be proud of!

So, what can we do to improve the aesthetics of your smile?

We can:-

  • Whiten and brighten your teeth using our teeth whitening process
  • Realign overcrowded or crooked teeth using Invisalign clear braces, Inman Aligners or Six Month Smiles® clear braces
  • Close gaps between teeth using either clear braces (done over a period of time but a non-invasive treatment) or porcelain veneers

    (more immediate result but teeth have to have a small amount of preparation)
  • Replace missing teeth using dental implants or bridges
  • Repair damaged teeth using porcelain veneers
  • Lengthen or change shape of teeth using porcelain veneers
  • Restore stained or dark teeth using porcelain veneers
  • Restore chipped or broken teeth using cosmetic bonding or porcelain crowns
  • Reduce wrinkles around the mouth as a result of ageing or injury using dermal fillers and wrinkle softening.

So what do you do next?

The first and most important step is to make the decision to have a smile makeover and contact us to arrange an initial consultation, after that we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

At your free consultation, we’ll discuss the aspects of your smile that you would like to change and the treatment options available. Often simple improvements can make a huge difference. We will give you all the information that you’ll need in order to make an informed decision and use computer simulation and models to show you the results that we expect to achieve.


For more information about our Smile Makeovers, or to book an appointment, please call us on 0121 777 1537 or complete the enquiry form.